Friday, April 16, 2010

If You Love Someone...

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A diversion from The Fools Quest. What follows are two sonnets written today on 'setting someone free':-). Would love comments, especially as to whether you are OK with this blog being used for other sonnets too, or should it just document the Fools quest. Also, some general comments about how and at what pace the fools quest is progressing would be very much appreciated. do make the process more interactive and do leave some comments.

If you love someone, set her free,
if she flies away quick, it was never meant to be,
if she lingers and hesitates, it is for old times sake,
the sky calls her, but she just cant stand and take
the hurt of leaving behind, you so lonely and forlorn
if she stays its not for love, but for pity that's born.
you must tease her apart, I know its not easy on heart,
to be happy when one is leaving, its no science, its an art,
Of course she will forget you, or at least the pain will be dulled,
With the sky at her feet, she'll be happy, she'll be lulled,
into thinking that the cage was too steep a price to pay,
and that vastness of the sky is a reason enough to sway
from singing her heart out, you know why the caged bird sings?
Its not the sky out there, just the memories it brings.

Its not in present one lives, its in either future or past,
one ignores the warmth of cage, for the sky that is cold and vast,
If she comes back its not because she was always yours,
its because of what she misses, perhaps your love that was pure,
but can we be sure the feelings have not changed since then,
Perhaps what she misses is the cage, not the cage-man,
Imagine the horror, if she were to return to the cage,
but not of yours, someone else's, oh you are so filled with rage!
how can she be so insensitive, or did she do it on purpose,
shes returning to the safety of a cage- so what the fuss?
Did you want to keep her caged, for her good or yours?
does the cage serve her, or is that a ploy to keep you bound?
She understands why you let her out, for you to be free,
If she doesn't come back, it was meant to be.
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