Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The last link (persona non-grata part 2)

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you can get rid of triggers, can the memories themselves be shelved?
you can turn a heart to stone, what about the emotions that once swelled?
you can destroy the cage where the bird once dwelt; or erase the songs that were taped;
you can destroy all evidence, break free from chains,  but isn't it the striving that's really caged?

you may deny from yourself, you may sincerely believe,
what happened in the past was a big make-believe,
but what is happening now, is just act 1, part 2,
was the deception not enough that we have to now make-do?

and pretend that our paths never crossed in this life,
after all nothings more precious - that being a man and wife;
and that we couldn't be, so let the friendship be damned,
even a past crossing of paths has to be erased and banned?

unfriending is oh so cool, I hope you've thought through
Twitter and Facebook was fine, but LinkedIn too?
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Persona non grata

The more I pine to catch your glimpse, the more you tighten your veil and 'guise;
you taunt so well, keep me on toes, I'm almost kneeling and pleading, guys,
just a brief encounter, a smile- a frown- an indication that I do exist, I count,
at least derision, if not love,  on my frantic antics - to be a clown -

and somehow catch your eyes for once,and kindle memories of days gone by;
you didn't always run from me, nor hide, nor leave me high and dry;
we kept each other hooked and charmed, and now we don't even talk any more,
what happened, where did I err, what caused the friendship to go sore?

why do I have to scheme for now, to catch you off guard, sneak a peek,
let me have one long lasting look,  then you can vanish - that's all I seek.
neither photos, nor images, I promise to erase the memories of that eternal sunshine;
just tell me once, was that my crime- that forbidden dream- that I can make you mine?

No trials, no hearings, no criminal data, yet prosecuted under ad hoc TADA,
No formal goodbyes, no hesitating tata; silently made persona non grata.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

The year that flew by

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A new year has dawned, and a year since we were 'free'
I thought I'll get over, but I miss you, you see,
I know that birds don't talk, nor listen to heart's cry,
I didn't believe in sweet talk, I didn't even said good bye,

Engrossed with science and reason, I rationalized my cage,
a price for warmth and safety, as opposed to the vast inhuman space,
and yet its funny how I never talked to you, just listened to your songs,
my warmth was limited to the cage, not to the bird that was wronged.

yet the things are not the same, once you flew from the cage,
now I talk to the cage and the bird that once was,
and when the cage doesn't sing back, I get into a rage,
not on the cage, or the bird , but on the man that I once was.

I dream of talking cages or of being caged myself;
I want to talk with a bird for once, cant you help?

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