Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sleep Apnea

Angry and bitter, hoping to get better,
Recollecting those incidents in the middle of nights,
Packed in a compartment, sometimes AC, sometimes sleeper,
Afraid to sleep, what if the sleep got deeper,

And the loud noise of snoring, disturbed the fellow travelers,
Each weary from her travel, or just not in the right mood,
Mortally afraid of causing a fuss, of triggering some babbler,
And causing shame to the family who have to apologize for the dabbler.

The fool, who refused diagnosis, or a visit to the clinic,
Who knew it would be apnea, but didn't want to be treated,
Was inflicting on his family the daily torture of snores,
But won't go to the doctor unless reminded of those bores.

Quality Of Sleep be damned,there could have been some mishap,
Thank Mom you took me to the doctor, and put me on BiPaP.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fool, Actually!

creepy humpty dumpty
creepy humpty dumpty (Photo credit: elefanterosado)

He was the ideal Fool, a stupid Knave,
serving his masters, until the Robber’s Cave
experiment happened one day, putting him in a fix,
To take which sides, where to figure in the mix,

or stand out and take a stand, and for nobler reasons live,
trust those who placed in him their trust; and for, once and all, his word give,
were all ideals dear to him - or at least that's what the people thought
and watched with amusement the Faustian game -as his soul was bought,

with lures of future riches, if he sat on the wall,
he got all the kings men and horses moved, to prevent his fall,
and fall did eventually happen, we don’t care if someone actually toppled,
but to fall in one’s own eyes, and to fall on those who had propelled

was something no one had fancied, even from a fool or a knave,
falling, hurting and crushing those below -  was he clueless, cunning or naive?
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Careless Whispers :-) alternatively titled Walk The Talk

Heart (Photo credit: mozzercork)
The Head Thinks,
The Hands labour,
The Heart rejoices,
And the feet are there for a reason!!

With apologies to Liz Curtis Higgs whose original poem I am modifying and Barbara Trautlien, whose change leadership model I am extending:-)
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