Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Watchful Night

It has come to an end - the day, not your quest!
You buckle up your resolve, you simply can't rest.
The stakes are too high- its either now or never!
The hunt is so near - and now's no time to waver.

You are ready to lie low- in the dark night of the soul
Only to pounce and grab it, the moment it shines again-your goal!
Good things come to those who wait, Slow trees bear the best fruits,
You can plan and scheme and prepare some more - to tackle the problem at its roots.

When the night was dark and the vision obscured, all you could discern was a lemon or two,
Making a lemonade drink, you consoled yourself,  don't worry- this shall'th pass too!
You stretch and arc to take your aim, now that the dawn is near,
It's a matter of time, before it's light again, and the target is crystal clear.

As the silent night comes to an end, you think you have finally discovered your voice
Only to lose it in the hustle and bustle, as the day matures and the moment flies.

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