Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Scorching Day

With joy in heart, you start with glee, on the path to be wise and great;
Looking forward to, what lies in stock- Fall seven times, rise eight!
The path is hard- ought it be less? -Struggle shapes your character,
You've made your mind, that's the Way for you - never to deter!

Obstacles galore, no friends by side - you're made of harder stuff,
Don't backtrack now, don't think of rest- lest life call off your bluff!
The morning sun, once mild and soothe - is now but ball of heat,
Keep plodding on, keep chugging along- the day you can surely beat!

As evening falls, and shadows get long, the relief you feel is deep,
Not blinded by the sun anymore, you can feel the first doubts creep.
Is this path right? Will you come out clean- the woods are getting dark!
Or does wisdom lie, in peace and calm, and strolling in a park?

As luck will have, you come to a fork, and choose the well-worn bend,
Silently withering in the night, the dream comes to an end.

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